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A. Handstand/headstand skill work.

B. Snatch/clean/deadlift ladder. I’ve done this one before, and it’s a lot of fun. Here’s how it works.

Set up a bar with 50% of your max snatch weight. Snatch. Add weight in increments (see notes below) until you cannot continue. Switch to your clean. Add weight in larger increments until you cannot continue, then switch to your deadlift. Add weight in still larger increments until you cannot continue.

Snatch increments: 5 lbs if your snatch 1 RM is <100 lbs, 10 lbs if it’s >100 lbs.

Clean increments: 10 lbs if your clean 1 RM is <100 lbs, 15 lbs if it’s >100 lbs.

Deadlift increments: 15 lbs if your DL 1 RM is <150 lbs, 20 lbs if it’s >150 lbs.

Good technique is critical, as always. One mulligan per movement is permitted.

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