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The much anticipated 12 Days of Christmas:

1 handstand push-up (or scaled equivalent)
2 toes to bar
3 pull-ups
4 push-ups
5 sit-ups
6 lunges
7 air squats
8 double-unders
9 deadlifts
10 power cleans
11 front squats
12 push jerks or push presses.

The pattern is just like the song. 1 on the first round, 2+1 on the second round, 3+2+1 on the third round. The barbell lifts in the later rounds are all done with the same weight, so choose wisely. I’m thinking a good Rx weight would be 135 pounds for men, and 95 pounds for women.

***Just a reminder that our potluck lunch will be starting at 12:30 pm today. If you don’t have time to make a dish, bring a non-perishable food item or three that we will donate to charity. See you there!***