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A. Pull-up strength – 5×5 weighted pull-ups OR 5 sets of partner assisted pull-ups (assist at waist, not feet)

B. 3 max efforts sets of chin-over-bar holds

C. 6 minute AMRAP of:

1 lap bear crawl

6 goblet squats (35/55)

Rest 1 minute, then: 2 minute max effort ball slams.

For the ball slams, we are looking for a partial squat as you slam the ball down. Note that I didn’t say “drop” the ball. Put some oomph into this movement.

Here’s a good reminder of the importance of practice in the development of skill (link). Skills matter, and they take time and practice to develop… just ask Kelly, who set a five minute (!!?) PR on “Annie” yesterday! Why? Because her double-unders have come a looong way since the last time she did the workout.

**Reminder – Bring-a-Friend class is this Saturday Sept 27 at 10 am. If you’re coming for the regular class, come to the 9 am class. **