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Skill work of your choice, plus a conditioning workout from earlier this week OR an entire workout from earlier this week.

If you have any interest in Olympic weightlifting and have access to Youtube, I really recommend that you check out some of the footage from the 2014 World Weightlifting Championships. Of particular interest are the 105 kg weight class for the men (link) and the 75 kg women (link – not in English, sorry), and 75+ kg women. For the 105 kg men, the world record was broken three times in the course of the final lifts of the clean and jerk. Ilya Ilyin, who won the 105 kg men’s competition, put 242 kg over his head in the clean and jerk. That’s 533 lbs! The 75+ kg women’s winner, Tatiana Kashirina, snatched 155 kg, which is 341 lbs, with a clean and jerk of 193 kg, or 425 lbs.