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20141210_184808A. Snatch – 2 singles at each of the following percentages: 70, 80, 85%.

B. Snatch deadlift – 3×3 with 3 second negative on each rep (weight should be greater than your max snatch).

C. Partner workout:

3 rounds for time:

Shuttle run 7 laps / 2 KB/DB hold


21 jump squats / plank hold (on hands if possible)


Scale jump squats if needed. 7 burpee penalty for every time you or your partner sets down the weights or drops out of the plank. Work ceases while the weights or the plank are down.

Some reading material for today: from Catalyst Athletics on the split jerk, and another one from Breaking Muscle on why stretching a sore lower back might not be a good thing.