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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Lululemon will be at the the gym today with their pop-up store from 9 am until 1:30 pm. They sell quality workout clothing, so come and check them out… and do your workout as well. There will be two free trial classes today (11 am and 12 noon), so bring a friend out and let them experience what we do here.

A. Pull-up strength:

3×5 weighted pull-ups (heaviest possible) or 3 max effort sets of unweighted or assisted pull-ups (foot+rings or partner)

3 max effort chin over bar holds.

B. “Fight Gone Bad” – This is a classic CrossFit workout:

For total reps:

Three rounds, one minute at each station:

Wall balls (14/20 lb)

Sumo deadlift high pull (55/75 lbs) (this is how the workout is written, but we may substitute KB swings)

Box jump (20″)

Push press (55/75 lbs)

Row (calories)

Rest 1 minute.

Clock runs continuously, so minimize your transition time.