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A. Handstand practice – Take 5 minutes and practice some aspect of your handstand – position, balancing, headstand, rolls, whatever.

B. Handstand push-up negatives – Every 30 seconds for 15 rounds, do 1-3 HSPU or 1 slow negative to an abmat. If you’re not able to control your descent, do a heavy DB push press with a slow negative in the same format.

C. 3 rounds, not for time of:

5-10 dumbbell rows with a 3 second negative on each rep- These may be supported using a bench. Focus on maximum scapular retraction and controlled movement. Go as heavy as you’re able to with good form.

(If you’re able, you can substitute 1-arm ring rows with the same 3-sec negative on each rep.)

Max effort ring or bar dips, or bench dips.

5-10 pistols per side OR weighted split squats (do all reps on each side, then do the other side).

D. If there is time, or do as homework: 4 max effort tuck/hollow holds.