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***Please note that the evening Olympic weightlifting session this week will be on Thursday at 7 pm, not Tuesday. Sorry for the late notice. The same is true for next week as well.***

A. Pull-up strength – 3×5 weighted pull-ups (as heavy as possible) OR 3 x ME pull-ups or ring rows

– 3 x ME chin over bar holds

– 3 x ME active hang (hollow body position)

B. 3 rounds, not for time:

10-25 jump squats with a barbell (If you cannot back squat your bodyweight, do these without a barbell.)

5 clapping push-ups, then ME strict push-ups (If you cannot do at least 10 unbroken push-ups with good form, leave out the clapping push-ups.)

10 strict toes-to-bar OR 30 tuck rocks / hollow rocks.

C. Double-under practice. If you are fairly consistent with these, pick a challenging number (for you), then try to consistently hit that number.