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A. Back squat – 2×3 @ 86%, 2×6 @ 78%.

B. 3 rounds, not for time:

1-3 rope climbs

1-arm DB bench press. Use the same weight as last week and shoot for 10 reps per round. Remember to pull the shoulder back into the bench as you set up.

2 medium-weight Turkish get-ups per side. Focus on control and good positions.

C. 3×55 tuck rocks. Just to be clear on the progressions for these, if you are able to easily complete these in a tuck position, then move on to straddle holds. For the holds, your set ends when you are not able to maintain the hollow body position (i.e. lower back pressed to the floor, with posterior pelvic tilt). If you can do multiple sets of the straddle hold for 60 seconds, move on to straddle rocks. Take the time to progress through these properly, and your strength will increase as you move through.