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A. Back squat – 4×5@73-78% (up from last week, regardless of where you started then).

B. 3 rounds, not for time:

8 DB presses per arm (as heavy as possible for your weaker arm, using the same weight for your stronger arm)

8 DB/KB bent-over rows (same format as the presses)

– Focus on lat activation for these. Note that you are not trying to get your elbow (or the weight) super high. You should instead be focusing on the lats, and pulling the scapula back and down towards your back pocket.

5-10 weighted pistols per side. Do these unweighted if needed, and if your pistols aren’t quite there yet, do a scaled version.

C. 3 sets of 5-15 strict toes-to-bar. Aim for more reps than last week… or just better-looking ones.