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A. EMOM for 8 rounds: 2 presses + 2 push presses. Try to increase the weight from last week.

B. Pull-up strength:

  • 3 max effort sets of pull-ups at 33X3 tempo (3 sec negative, 3 sec at the bottom, 3 sec on the way up, 3 sec hold at the top). Note the different tempo from last week. Work on negatives or scaled pull-ups if you’re not able to do them unassisted.
  • 3 max effort chin-over-bar holds (supinated grip)
  • 3 max effort bar hangs (active, passive, does not matter)

C. 3 sets of 10-25 GHD sit-ups. If you are new, do only 10 reps per set, regardless of how they feel. Increase the number by a few reps the next time you do these.