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A. Straight arm pressing strength EMOM for 10 rounds:

Minutes 1-6: 20-30 sec of shoulder taps

Minutes 7-10: 10-30 sec L-sit (scale to tuck) hold on parallettes, boxes, or on the dip bars.

Then: 3 max effort sets of 1 1/2 push-ups. Scale to regular push-ups if needed.

B. In teams of 3, spending 3 minutes at each station, with a 30 second transition time, for two rounds:

Station 1 – Max reps of fat bar deadlift. One person works at a time. We’ll experiment with the weights a bit, but I’m thinking probably about 135/95 for the weights.

Station 2 – Sled shuttle run – Use the empty dog sled, doing one 30 ft (3 parking stalls) length each.

Station 3 – Sled rope pull – Switch each length. One or two people pull, while the other(s) returns the rope to the other end. 135 lbs worked okay at the team workout, but teams with less pulling strength might want to use 90 lbs.

Compare to July 10 2018.