A. Push press – 6×2@82-85% (up from last week).

B. 100 wall balls for time. The catch? Every time you break up your reps, you must run 3 laps and do 3 burpees. Therefore it’s in your best interests to complete the 100 reps in as few sets as possible. What constitutes a “break” in your reps? 1. Dropping the med ball. 2. Resting while holding onto the med ball.

Compare to Sept 5 2017.

C. Accumulate 3 minutes in a single-arm plank (on your forearm). Feet should be about shoulder width, hips should be square to the ground, and the supporting shoulder should be active. Bring the non-working arm to your side and make a fist to help your body generate more tension. Switch arms and/or rest as needed. For newer people, modify this to a regular plank, or scale the time frame.