A. 3-position snatch – Working from high to low, doing a snatch at each location (mid-thigh, kneecap, floor), do 5 challenging work sets. These do not need to be all at the same weight. ONLY if your technique is solid should you add weight.

B. 3 rounds, alternating, not for time:

Max effort set of strict pull-ups (modify to smooth, controlled hinge rows)

2 indoor laps (OR 1 outdoor lap OR 1 lap on the turf) of bottom-up KB carry with elbow at 90 degrees and pointed to the side

2 laps with elbow at 90 degrees and pointed forward

Repeat with the other arm (i.e. do elbow to the side L, elbow forward L, elbow to the side R, elbow forward R).

You will need to go fairly light with these (i.e. 20-26 lbs will likely be more than enough for the majority of people, and less than that for many people). Keep the elbow at the same height as the shoulder. We are working on shoulder stability and control with these, not max weight. Dumbbells may also be used, but hold them by one end (i.e. vertically) to introduce some instability.