A. Gymnastic pressing strength EMOM for 12 rounds:

Minutes 1-4: 20-30 sec of wall walk side shuffles (or with your back to the wall if you can do so). Scale to a plank or pike position if needed. Optional scale up for this one is to handstand walk for 20-30 sec or kick up a few steps away from the wall and HS walk towards the wall.

Minutes 5-8: 10-30 sec handstand hold

Minutes 9-12: 30 sec of push-ups (floor, parallettes, or scale as needed).

B. Run 1.9 km for time. Yes, this is an odd number, but it happens to be the distance to the RCMP driveway and back. Warm up well for this, and aim for a faster speed on the return trip.

Compare to May 27 2017, April 30 2017, Sept 12 2016.