A. Pistol practice:

  • 3×30 second holds in the bottom of the pistol squat, alternating legs. Do these on a box if needed, or on the floor (30 seconds is a looong time in this position on the floor, so you may need to dial back the time a bit). Keep your chest up, and maintain an active hip and core.
  • Deck squat practice (some good progressions here), moving towards doing a pistol squat (if you have the strength to do so).
  • EMOM x 5: 30 seconds AMRAP of pistols, or scale to lightly weighted reverse lunges.

Aim for more reps than July 27.

B. From crossfit.com on October 16 2017:

20 minute AMRAP of:

15 burpees

30 calorie row (or bike).

Compare to Oct 25 2017.

I know what some of you are thinking… “OMG, a 20 minute AMRAP with burpees! And rowing!! How will I survive this madness?” You will survive. This is an exercise in pacing. You want to pick a challenging but manageable pace, and maintain it for the 20 minutes. Give yourself a point of performance/pacing to work on, such as “Whenever I drop down for a burpee, I’m coming right back up without pausing on the ground.” We sometimes try to find ways to rest in workouts, and it’s not really necessary.

For the row, pick a pace that you could maintain for the entire 20 minutes (e.g. for a ~5 km row). Your aim is consistent effort across the board, not a series of sprints and rests.