A. Pull-up strength, EMOMx12:

Min 1-4: Max strict false-grip ring pull-ups in 25 seconds

Min 5-8: Max controlled supinated body rows in 25 seconds

Min 9-12: 10-30 second hang.

B. EMOM for 12 minutes:

Min 1-4: 40 sec row, 20 sec rest

Min 5-8: 30 sec row, 30 sec rest

Min 9-12: 20 sec row, 40 sec rest.

Record your total calories. Substitute rowing if needed. This is similar to a bike workout we did on May 16 2019.


A. Pause front squats – 5×3 @ 75-78% (3 second hold in the bottom of each rep).

B. “Grace” – 30 reps of clean and jerk for time at 135/95 lbs.

Scale down to approximately 70% of your max clean and jerk if needed. Compare to May 13 2019, Sept 11 2017, May 13 2017, May 11 2016, June 11 2015, Dec 17 2013.

C. Accumulate 2 minutes in a single-arm plank (on your forearm). Feet should be about shoulder width, hips should be square to the ground, and the supporting shoulder should be active. Bring the non-working arm to your side and make a fist to help your body generate more tension.


A. Close-grip bench press – 4×10-12 reps @ 65-70%. Increase your weight a bit from last week, or increase your reps per set. Aim to have all or part of your hands inside the knurling on the bar, depending on the width of your shoulders. 

B. For time:
120 double-unders
30 hang power snatches (95/65)
90 double-unders
20 hang squat cleans
60 double-unders
10 split jerks.

Compare to Sept 16 2019. Optional scale up to 135/95 for a select few, if you so desire.


A. Tempo overhead squats – 5×3 reps, with a 3211 tempo (3 seconds down, 2 seconds in the bottom, 1 second coming up, 1 second at the top). Increase your weight from last week if possible.

B. 11 minute AMRAP of:

11 ring push-ups

11 box jumps

11 chest-to-bar pull-ups.


A. Sumo deadlift – 5×5, up to a moderate weight. This will be a new movement for most of you, and it’s something I have not programmed before (although I’ve had a few people do it in the past if they have issues with a conventional DL stance). Compared to a conventional deadlift, the feet are wider and toes more turned out, and the hands are positioned inside the shins, rather than outside.

B. For about 15 minutes of work:

Working in groups of 3-4:

1 50′ lap of a heavy sled push

Max set of toes-to-bar.

You will get some rest time as you’re waiting for the sled, and that’s the point. Do a hard sled push, breathe a bit, and hop onto the bar for your toes-to-bar. Rest until your turn comes around again. Aim to get at least 4-5 sets in.


A. Open workout 20.1. Hopefully this isn’t too fresh in the memory for some of you!

10 rounds for time of:

8 ground-to-overheads (95/65)

10 bar facing burpees. 

The time cap as written is 15 minutes, but I’m going to give you a chance to (hopefully!) finish the workout by bumping the cap up to 20 minutes.