We are closed today for the Louis Riel day holiday. A team workout will be held from 10:30 am to 12:00 pm. All members are welcome to attend!

A. Cluster back squats – 4 sets of @ 65%. For those new to cluster squats, you do 3 reps, re-rack the bar for about 10 seconds, then do another 3 reps, for a total of 4 sets of 3 (within that set).
B. Tabata intervals:
For 5 rounds, alternating:
20 seconds of pull-ups, rest 10 seconds
20 seconds of push-ups, rest 10 seconds
Then for 5 rounds, alternating:
20 seconds of squats, rest 10 seconds
20 seconds of sit-ups, rest 10 seconds.

Record your scores as the LOWEST # of reps you got for each movement (i.e. 4 scores).

A. Tempo push press: 5×5 reps at 60-65%. Aim for a 5 second negative on each rep. Increase weight slightly from last week, or try to do an additional rep per round.
B. 6 minute AMRAP of:
30 double-unders
15 stationary lunges (scale up to jump split lunges)
Rest 1 minute
6 minute AMLAP (As Many Laps As Possible):
Farmer’s carry (2 DBs or KBs).
Weight should be moderately heavy for the carry – not so light that you can easily do the whole 6 minutes without setting the weights down, but not so heavy that you’re resting after each lap.

A. Cleans – 5×3, working up to a heavy set.
B. Alternating with a partner, for 6 rounds each, for total time:
5 D-Ball or sandbag cleans to over-the-shoulder
10/15 cal bike (sub rowing if needed).
The goal here is intensity within each round.

A. Rope climb / pegboard practice
– 10 minutes of rope climb and/or pegboard skill practice
– 4 max effort sets of 1 1/4 pull-ups (or foot assisted pull-ups)
B. 9 minute AMRAP of:
3 deadlifts (225/155 lbs or 55%, whichever is less)
15 wall balls (20/14 lbs).

A. 3 alternating rounds, not for time of:
5-10 Cossack lunges per leg (i.e. do all reps on one leg, then do the other) – you can weight these if you wish.
5-10 battering ram push-ups (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JrPVFbfYfEI – skip to 2:20ish for the demo)
If mobility is a real issue with the Cossack lunges, raise the height of the squatting leg with either a low box, or by putting a plate under your heel. If the push-ups are too tough, modify to a max set of 1 1/4 push-ups on a box or bar.
B. From July 20 2019 and Jan 26 2019:
Alternating 1 minute work per movement, with 1 minute rest, for 9 intervals (3 rounds), for max reps of each movement:
a) DB snatches (50/35)
b) Chest-to-bar pull-ups (scale to regular pull-ups or body rows)
c) Goblet squats (53/35) – Optional scale up to pistols.
Record your reps for each 1 minute interval (9 scores), i.e. snatches, pull-ups, squats, snatches, etc.

A. With a partner and a deck of cards:
Suit determines the exercise:
Hearts = Push-Ups
Diamonds = Sit-Ups
Clubs = Air Squats
Spades = Pull-ups or ring rows
Card value determines the number of reps (face cards = 10, Aces = 11).
Jokers = 15 Burpees

Partition the work as needed – except the burpees. You both get to enjoy every single rep of those.

B. Accumulate 5 minutes in a single-arm plank. Be sure to keep your hips square to the ground.