Every so often we will feature a questionnaire filled out by one of our members.


First up is Esther. She has been with us pretty much from the day we opened up in 2012, and hasn’t stopped working hard since then. Esther does her homework, both in the gym and outside as well. I quickly realized this, as she is often the last one out of the gym following a class, after thoroughly stretching, foam rolling, working on skills, and precisely recording details of her workout in her log (or maybe she’s drawing fantastic works of art… we are not sure). If you’re new to the gym, she will no doubt be the first to introduce herself and make you feel welcome. Without further ado, here’s what she had to say.


Our fourth featured member is the gym owner, Colin. He isn’t great at writing fancy blurbs about himself.

Tessa P.

Number seven… Tessa P. She is, pound for pound, probably one of the strongest people in the gym. Tessa knocks out handstand push-ups like most people do air squats. She has been with us for about eight months now, and has made lots of progress in that time. She has a busy life with work and her two little “hooligans” (her words, not mine!), but she and Jeremy both make time to get out to the gym, sometimes even together, as you’ll see in her photo. I never thought I’d see someone drink coffee as they were doing stretches across the gym floor, but Tessa does that without blinking.


Number ten – Kendall. He is one of our younger members, and he comes to us from a soccer and hockey background. He’s a hard worker, likes to make people laugh, and he is eager to work on his weaknesses – well, for most things anyway. He’s still unconvinced that handstands can be fun, but at least we’ve gotten him upside down a few times. [Edit – he’s now doing handstand push-ups like a star.] He’s made lots of progress in the last couple of years, and we’re pretty sure he’s got lots more in the tank.


Our second featured member is Mara. She’s one of the few people in the gym who was doing CrossFit prior to the opening of CrossFit Steinbach, and her experience shows. She’s one of the strongest people in the gym (I was going to write “strongest women”, but she often outlifts some of the guys as well), and she’s pretty good at burpees too, in spite of the dire thoughts she may think when they show up in the workout! She’s an active member of the gym community, and she’s great at helping new members feel welcome, and reassuring them that they can indeed do this. She works hard, and with some convincing in some cases, she’s ticked off some pretty significant milestones, including a foray into CrossFit competition, rope climbs, a 300+ lb deadlift, and more.


Fifth up… Cassandra. She’s been with us since 2014, and is a very positive force in our community. She’s one of the hardest workers out there, and she isn’t afraid to address her weaknesses. She came to us from a yoga background, and if I recall correctly, she wasn’t all that excited about lifting heavy weights, but knew she wanted to change things up. As she points out in her questionnaire, her perspective has changed, and now she’s a deadlifting machine. She doesn’t take herself too seriously, but also has no problem calling things like they are.


Number eight – Annick. She is one of our younger members, but is absolutely one of the hardest workers in the gym. She has taken to CrossFit like a duck to water, and works diligently at demolishing her weaknesses. Annick has been exploring the competitive side of CrossFit, and has challenged herself in several local CrossFit competitions, as well as an Olympic weightlifting event. She is a great cheerleader in workouts, and is very supportive of her fellow athletes. She also likes chalk. Lots and lots of chalk. [Edit – Annick is now one of the coaches at our gym!]


Number eleven – Lauren. She’s been with us since 2014, and she’s made a lot of progress in that time. What makes Lauren stand out is her enthusiasm and willingness to challenge herself. She makes time in her busy life for her personal fitness, and she can be often be found at the gym with her own personal cheering squad of giggling, energetic children.


Our third featured member is Leanne. She’s been with CrossFit Steinbach since 2015, but she made herself right at home here right from the start. Even while doing her On Ramp, she was brave enough to check out a couple of our team workout events. She might still be traumatized by being paired up with our former coach Jay and his lightning fast burpees, but she later claimed that she still enjoyed that workout! Leanne is never without a smile, and she wastes no time making new people feel at home.


Number six… Roxanne. She has been with us since 2015, and has been smiling pretty much the entire time we’ve known her. She jumped right in to our community early on, and braved some group workouts while still in her beginner On Ramp course. She’s been working hard ever since, and has made great progress. She’s certainly surprised herself with some of her accomplishments, including pulling over 200 lbs [edit — she’s well past this now] off the floor for her deadlift. As of when this was written, she has entered in next year’s FrostFit competition (her first!), and we are sure she’ll have a blast doing that. [Edit – Roxanne is now one of the coaches at our gym!]


Number nine – Pam. She is not a competitive CrossFit athlete. She doesn’t do CrossFit to impress anyone. Pam trains because it makes her stronger, healthier, more physically capable, and it allows her to keep up with her energetic young grandchildren. She’s been training with us since 2014, and during that time we’ve seen her surprise herself many times with what she’s actually capable of. She’s a very welcoming presence in the gym, and is happy to talk to new people and let them know that yes, they can do this.


Number twelve – Rose. Rose is part of one of our CrossFit families, and parent to three of our members, two of whom are featured above (Roxanne and Annick). She might have been a little reluctant to believe in her athletic abilities when she first started, but some light bulbs clicked on somewhere along the way, and now she is committed to making progress. She’s very determined when she sets her mind to something (which I think she has passed along to her children), and she’s made some great changes in her time with us.

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