New To Crossfit?

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Trial Class!

We offer a free trial class every Saturday from 12-1 pm. If you’re not quite ready to commit to the introductory course just yet, or just want to see what we’re all about, come and check out the trial class. Sign up here

This class is geared towards beginners, and we will modify the movements to suit any ability.

Still not quite sure?

Check out what some of our members have had to say about us here. Want to know more about starting CrossFit in general? Want to know what to expect in your first 24 hours of CrossFit? Read this from the CrossFit Journal. (Hint… those 24 hours are not all in a row!) Yes, you can do this! See why here. Want to read some more? Check out this list of articles and videos from the CrossFit Journal.

What to bring

Running shoes, some clothes to work out in, and some water.

What to expect

A general warm-up and mobility, exposure to some basic movements (generally bodyweight only), and then a short conditioning workout, typically involving the movements covered earlier in the class. Following the workout, there will be a cool-down and some more basic mobility exercises. Feel free to ask questions!

We are at 2-121 Acres Drive, in Steinbach. Need a map?  Click here.

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