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Real People.
Real Results.

We are pretty proud of our athletes and the progress they’ve made in their training and lifestyles. Results come with consistent focus and practice. Community is a very important aspect of our gym and we like to make people feel welcome. Sharing the experience of a challenging workout brings people together, and we emphasize that effort matters more than your numbers. Everyone has a different starting point, and whether you’re coming to us straight off the couch or the sports field, you will be appropriately challenged for your current abilities, not someone else’s.

Honestly, the toughest part is getting through the front door. We can help you with the rest!

Here are a few people who made it through that front door, and what they have to say about their experiences so far:

“When I signed up to run Boston Marathon [Gord is a runner], I knew that I needed to get stronger. At my age (45), durability starts becoming a larger concern to get through the fatigue of a training plan and showing up at the starting line healthy. The CrossFit program has provided a better base of strength than I’ve ever had. It means I don’t feel as fatigued after a training session, and even after 6 weeks of 75+km/week, I’m feeling pretty fresh. Beyond the obvious strength benefits, the cardio parts of the workout are a bonus, and the stretching/flexibility is a huge plus. I’ve appreciated all the interest in the marathon, given that most people aren’t at CrossFit to run a marathon! As training starts to get serious, I’ve backed away from the gym, but I look forward to getting back post-Boston!”


After sharing an athletic photo of herself, Jolene said “I share it with you because it represents a part of my character growth lately. I am not a natural athlete. My brain and body parts do not catch on to movement the way some do. I started CrossFit two years ago just to get active. What I have gained is so much more. I have learned what it feels like to truly learn in an area that I might call a weakness or challenge. Each movement has taken a lot of perseverance, self reflection and practice. I have felt what it is to be the last and to really just not feel like I can succeed. This is building character in me. I am learning that I can do hard things if I don’t quit. Learning something new is hard but the rewards are huge. I gain confidence in so many ways when I keep pushing and finally meet a goal. This picture represents to me the way I want to approach all challenges that life brings. I want to keep at it, gain the skills I need for the challenge and hold on with determination knowing I’ll come out stronger in the end.


Almost immediately after joining CrossFit Steinbach, I noticed a huge difference in my physical strength, my mental health, more specifically my self-confidence. Here I am, 5+ years later still doing things I never thought I’d be able to do, like walking 50 feet on my hands. I love learning something new about myself every time I walk in the gym, and I’m so glad that I was lucky enough to find CrossFit Steinbach!


“My experience at Crossfit Steinbach has been like no other gym I’ve tried. The coaching/programming makes it easy to walk in the door, do the workout, and leave feeling as though I have improved my fitness, strength, and mobility with each and every visit. With positive coaches and members, I have been able to accomplish feats I never thought possible. At Crossfit Steinbach I’ve found encouragement, support, community, and met some pretty awesome people along the way!”

“I have realized that I can do things that I didn’t think were possible. I’m learning deadlifts, overhead squats, back squats, all kinds of squats, there are a lot of squats in Crossfit!!!

The experience has also helped me to improve my self confidence and self esteem. When you lift heavier than you did the week before, when you improve your time or number of reps, it is hard not to feel proud of yourself. This pride carries over into your daily life and it gives you more self confidence to try new things. You walk taller and straighter because you feel stronger physically, but most importantly mentally.

I think the biggest revelation for me is how I view fitness and health. It has completely changed my perspective on what being healthy means to me. I no longer strive to be skinny; I strive to be strong!”


“I was thinking about what I say to people when they ask me what CrossFit is. I usually tell them it is exercise for everyday life. Preparing and getting your body ready to do the regular day to day activities needed for everyday life. One of the things that Jay said to us on our first OnRamp class was the reason he started to do CrossFit. He wanted to be able to sit down on a toilet when he is 80 years old. Isn’t that what we all want to be able to do?

Every time I show up to the gym for a workout, I start the hour with “Can I do this?”, which changes to “I can do this!”, and I leave with “Yeah, I did that!”. There is quite a sense of accomplishment when I leave CrossFit every time. I already look forward to going to the workouts. I may not be the fastest at the WODs now because I am just learning all the correct movements, but I will be one day!”


“My friend and I decided to give CrossFit at try in support of Colin and Hillary, but we never realized how hooked we’d get! I have been running for the last 26 years, and working out off and on, whether at the gym or at home, and I have never experienced such physical (and mental) progress as I have at CrossFit. I have never worked out as hard as I do at CrossFit, or enjoyed the workouts as much as I do at CrossFit.

We show up at CF, where our workouts are planned for us. Our coach is always there to teach us the moves/exercises and to make sure we are doing them correctly. The workouts can be modified if we are unable to do the actual moves for the workout, or if we have a physical limitation that keeps us from doing the moves. The workouts are never the same from day to day, and we are challenged everyday in our workouts. There are usually several of us there at one time, and I love it that we are all working on the same thing, but we are all at different stages, and we can encourage each other in the workouts. I love the high fives and the exhausted “way to go” after the workout is done…the encouragement just in having been able to complete the workout, or in having finally caught on to a move that we’ve been working on, or setting a PR. I have had to step out of my comfort zone many times in my short time at CF, and I’m finding that its not a bad thing to get uncomfortable.

I can see CF being a way of life, as the workouts can be changed as I am slowly able to accomplish more. Things that I have never been able to do, and still cannot do, are things that I will be able to do sometime in the future. And I really like it when our coach shows us where he was just a year ago or when he started CF, and where he is now, because there is hope for me! Yeah!”


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