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Please note that we are closed today, and therefore there are no free classes or open gym. If you feel like taking a field trip to Winnipeg, check out the FrostFit competition at CrossFit Winnipeg at 739 Lagimodiere Blvd. Event details are here. Competitors will be there from gyms in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and northern Ontario. The competition runs from 9 am until at least 5 pm. If you need some inspiration, come by and check it out! 

Here are a couple of videos to ponder. If you’ve ever wondered what is meant by “speed under the bar” in olympic lifting, this guy has it in spades. Not only are his pulls fast and strong, but he gets under the bar so fast and with such confidence that he makes these heavy lifts look almost effortless (aside from all the yelling and carrying on).

In a completely different vein, here’s one from the CrossFit Journal about “adaptive athletes”. If you think you have an excuse for not working out, think again.