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IMGP3242Thanks to Doug, Kelly, and Jen for sticking around Friday evening to judge and cheer on Hillary and I for the 13.1 CF Games Open workout. It was a whole lot of burpee fun. Best of luck  to Earl Saturday at 8:30 am (ish).

More squatting today, as we just looove squats.

A. Back squat – 3×5@70%, 3×3@80%, rest 2 minutes.

B. For time:

4 gym lengths of KB waiter walk, then:

3 rounds of 10 box jumps, 20 KB swings

4 gym lengths of KB waiter walk.

The waiter walk: press out the KB overhead and walk. Use your arms equally, but how you break it up is your call. Bowties and white shirts are optional.

KB swings are overhead.