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A. Snatch accessory work:

7×2 hang muscle snatch. You may increase the weight, but you will find there is a limit to how much you can move with this movement. Focus on hip extension and keeping the weight close to your body as you transition to overhead.

7×2 snatch pull. Work from the floor if possible, and make sure the bar path is exactly the same as for the full snatch movement, i.e. hit the correct hips back/knees back power position (top of the kneecap), and pull the bar up staying close to your body. You may increase the weight, provided the bar path is correct.

B. Play time on the mats:

Things to work on: handstands, headstands, forward/back rolls, deck squats (1 leg or two).

Handstands – Work on kicking up with control. Try a tuck to handstand (hop off the ground with two feet at a time, rather than just one).

Headstands – Work on control, and just getting comfortable upside down.

Forward roll – Land on your shoulders, not your neck. This can be combined with the deck squat.

Deck squats – These can be scaled by rolling on a mat (or two), with your feet coming down on the floor (i.e. your feet are lower than your body).

That’s all! The last few weeks of training have been fairly intense at times, so have fun with this today.


For those of you who don’t (yet) think you fit the stereotype of an uber-fit CrossFitter, check out this article here (link).