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A. Turkish get-up – 5 minutes of work, using both sides equally. This is timed, but we are not keeping track of reps. Just get some work done in that time period.

B. 2×1000 m row – rest 5 minutes in between.

C. Tabata boat rockers.

***Just as a heads up – we are going to have a bring-a-friend day on Saturday Feb 22 during the 10 am class. If you know someone who is interested in checking out our gym, bring them along to the class and do a workout together with them. The workout won’t be anything crazy, so tell them not to worry about that part. If you’re on Facebook, we will also post something on there shortly.  

2014-02-10 20.15.06The CrossFit Total aftermath. We may need a new PR board after yesterday! Awesome work, everyone!