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A. 3 x max effort (ME) strict pull-ups followed by strict chin-ups, i.e. do as many as you can with a pronated grip, then switch to supinated and squeeze out some more.

B. 3 x ME chin over bar holds.

C. 2 x ME bar hangs.

D. 3 x 8-12 side-to-side push-ups (go to bottom of push-up, shift R, shift L, back to centre and press up).

E. 3 x 8-12 parallette shoot-throughs. I’m giving a rep range because I want you to stop if your form breaks down.

The folks from Wildfire Farms will be making another meat dropoff at the CrossFit Steinbach parking lot on February 20th, from 7-7:15 pm. Place an order online on their website, drop by on the 20th to pick up your order and pay using cash, cheque, or credit card. They will only be here for a limited time that evening, so be on time.


squat & cake