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A. Front squat – Work up to 3 sets of 5 with a 3 sec pause at the bottom on each rep.

B. Pull-up strength – 3×1 slooow pull-ups (slow up AND down). Aim for 20-25 seconds for the up and down portions.

C. 3×10 1 1/4 ring rows (pull rings to chest, then back down 1/4 of the way, then back up, then down = 1 rep).

D. 3 rounds, not for time:

10 (per leg) weighted lunges, heaviest possible

5 (per leg) single leg deadlifts (2 KBs or DBs).

***Easter Hours: The gym is closed Good Friday, and open Saturday and Easter Monday. By popular request, we are adding a 9 am class this Thursday to make up for the cancelled 9 am Friday class.***