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A. Find your 5 rep max push press. Focus on the explosive hip drive coming out of the dip.

B. For total work time:

Row 1000 m, rest 4 minutes

Row 500 m, rest 2 minutes

Row 250 m, rest 2 minutes

Row 250 m.

Compare to 11/09/2013. It’s the same workout, but with an extra 250 m set. Post results to comments.


If anyone is interested in purchasing a farm share from the Steinmann family farm, for some fresh vegetables throughout the summer, get in touch with them ASAP. If you are interested, but don’t want the entire share, post a comment on here and maybe we can match people up. Hillary and I got a share last year, and we got some great produce over the course of the summer. We did get a LOT of potatoes though, and we ended up giving quite a few away as they came in. (If you really like potatoes, let me know. I can hook you up.)