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A. Split jerk – Warm up with some jerk balance work, then work up to the following sets: 2×2@70%, 2×2@75%, 2×1@80%, 2×1@85%.

B. 3 rounds, not for time, focusing on the stated tempo:

5 reps of single-leg deadlift (2 KBs or use a barbell) at 31X1 tempo (3 seconds down, 1 second at the bottom, explode up, 1 second at the top)

8 reps DB/KB rows (one arm, supported on bench/box) per arm at 31X1 tempo

8 DB/KM one arm strict presses at 31X1 tempo.

Weights should be the heaviest you can manage for the tempo and rep schemes.

C. If there is time, accumulate 2-4 minutes hanging.

**Olympic weightlifting competition – Manitoba Open 2014 – If anyone is interested in seeing an Olympic weightlifting comp, there is one coming up on Oct 4. You can find some info here, but there doesn’t seem to much else on the MWA website. Field trip anyone? 

**More spots are opening up at the Prairie CrossFit beginner competition as they are moving to a larger venue. The next registration round will open up on Sept 25 (Wed) at 2 pm.