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The gym will be closed today, Nov 1, for the Prairie CrossFit Fall Throwdown being held in Winnipeg at the Westgate Mennonite Collegiate. Come out and support Catherine, Lisa, Sheldon, and Janelle! Good luck, and have fun!


20141031_170128 <— A strawberry came to visit the gym last night.

November Challenge – We will be working on our midline positions for the month of November, and your challenge is to do the following 4 days a week:

3-5 max effort holds of: hollow body hold and arch hold.

Scale the hollow body hold to a tuck hold if needed. If and when you can complete 5×60 second holds in tuck position, move on to tuck rocks.

If you can perform 5×60 sec holds of the arch body hold, move on to arch rocks.

You can do this every second day, or do two days on, one day off (approximately).