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A. Clean and push jerk – Work up to a moderately heavy weight, then do 4 more sets at that weight of 1 clean + 1 push jerk.

B. With a partner:

First person completes the task, and then the other person accumulates reps of the second movement. Switch roles, then move on to the next pairing:

Row 500 m/Push-ups

50 Russian KB swings / Double-unders


50 (total) med ball tosses with your partner – The ball must go at least above head height, and you must receive the ball going into a full squat, just like a wall ball.

25 synchronized deck squat burpees (i.e. Do a burpee, then squat down and roll back onto your shoulders, roll forward into a deck squat and repeat. If you can’t do a deck squat, just roll to your back then get up however you can. video)

***Just a reminder that we are having a team workout on Thanksgiving (Monday, October 13) at 2 pm. All regular members and On Rampers are welcome!