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**Some scheduling notes for this week:

– The Tuesday teen class is cancelled starting this week because of lack of interest.

– The gym will be closed this Saturday, Nov 1, for the Prairie CrossFit Fall Throwdown being held in Winnipeg at the Westgate Mennonite Collegiate. Come out and support Catherine, Lisa, Sheldon, and Janelle!

– Bring-a-Friend day is being held all day this Wednesday (Oct 29). Bring someone out to any of the scheduled regular classes and you can do a partner workout with them.

A. Snatch – Work up in weight, then do 5 sets of: 1 snatch pull (1 sec pause at knee) + 1 snatch (1 sec pause at knee).

B. Snatch grip deadlift – add 10-15% to weight from part A, then do 3 sets of 2 snatch grip deadlifts at that weight.

C. For time:

20 shoulder touches, 2 Russian KB swings (heavy)

18 ST, 4 RKBS

16 ST, 6 RKBS… etc.

until you get to 2 shoulder touches and 20 RKBS.

Compare to 09/09/2013.