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A. Clean and push jerk – 5×2 at a moderately heavy weight.

B. With a partner:

(Note: All numbers denote the total number of reps for the team.)

4 laps wheelbarrow

30 deadlifts, alternating every 5 reps, but the non-moving partner must hold onto their bar while their partner works

2 laps wheelbarrow

30 goblet squats, same format as above, but non-moving partner must stay in the bottom of the squat (holding the weight)

2 laps wheelbarrow

6 laps partner carry.

Deadlift weight – roughly 50% of your 1 rep max.

Goblet squat weight – 35/55 for men/women.


Some of the longer-term gym members will be aware of this, but this coming Monday (December 1) is the gym’s 2 year anniversary date. And yes, for those of you who have asked, rumour is that there will indeed be cake, perhaps even Paleo-ish. For some reason, the cake question is usually the first one people have asked, so clearly they have their priorities straight. I like to think they actually meant back squats, but it just came out wrong. And yes, there will be squats too — preferably before the cake.