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A. Pull-up strength –

– 3×5 weighted pull-ups OR 3 max effort sets of partner-assisted pull-ups

– Beat swing practice – Keep a tight bodyline!

– 3 max effort hollow body hangs.

B. For time:

Run 15 laps, then:

4 rounds of: 15 shoulder touches per arm and 10 weighted lunges (2 DBs or KBs) (35/55 or higher if possible), then:

100 double-unders.


December challenge – I’ve mentioned this to a few people who have asked thus far, but I’ll make it official here. We will be continuing on with the arch and hollow body progressions that we started in November. This is an area that everyone needs work, and adequate improvements will not happen in just one month. Please make sure you are following the proper progression, as it will prepare you for the steps to come. This stuff isn’t fancy or exciting, but on the other hand, it doesn’t take long to do either. Do NOT jump ahead in the progressions if you haven’t first proven your mastery of the previous steps. For example, if you have not completed 5×60 seconds of the tuck hold, do not advance to tuck rocks or hollow holds with your legs extended. Respect the method.

Here are the progressions, with the associated mastery requirements. These are based on a program and website called Gymnastic Bodies.

Tuck holds – 5 sets of 60 second holds

Tuck rocks – 5 sets of 60 rocks (without losing form)

Straddle hollow body hold (legs separated and straight, toes pointed, arms at sides) – 5 sets of 60 second holds

Straddle hollow body rocks – 5 sets of 60 rocks

Hollow body hold – 5 sets of 60 second holds

Just to give you some context here, I’ve been working on this progression for about three months now, and I’m currently working on the straddle hollow body rocks. I tested the tuck holds on my first day and was able to complete the mastery requirements, so I pretty much skipped the first part. My point is not to brag, but to note that this process takes time, and may take longer for some than others.

Start slow. This may mean starting at 3 sets of 15 or 20 seconds in the tuck hold, or even less. Do that for a week and then bump up the length of the set by 5-10 seconds per week. Then add in additional sets. In my experience, it’s easier to add in more sets than it is to increase the length of time of your sets, but you must do both.

Arch holds (feet and legs together) – 5 sets of 60 second holds

Arch rocks (feet and legs together) – 5 sets of 60 rocks

Arch rocks are tough. I’ve been stuck on these for probably two months now, and on a good day I can manage 40 reps in my first set. It took me a long time to figure out to even hold my legs together while rocking.

Be patient with yourself, but do these consistently. I promise you that it will pay off in other areas.