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20141215_185401<– Here is a taste of the dumbbell-burpee mayhem on Monday night. The class was so big I couldn’t fit everyone into the frame. Great effort everyone!

A. Pause back squat – 5×3@60-65% with 3 second pause at bottom. If you did this on Saturday, increase the weight a bit.

B. Back from last year…

12 Days of Christmas:

1 handstand push-up (or scaled equivalent)
2 toes to bar
3 pull-ups
4 push-ups
5 sit-ups
6 lunges
7 air squats
8 double-unders
9 deadlifts
10 power cleans
11 front squats
12 push jerks or push presses.

The pattern is just like the song. 1 on the first round, 2+1 on the second round, 3+2+1 on the third round. The barbell lifts in the later rounds are all done with the same weight, so choose wisely. I’m thinking a good Rx weight would be 135 pounds for men, and 95 pounds for women.

***Just a reminder of our potluck lunch at the gym this Saturday, Dec 20. Start thinking about what you’re going to bring, and let us know if you are going to come out. The festivities start shortly after the free trial class, from about 12:15 onward.