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**Please note that the Olympic weightlifting class has been moved to Thursday (7 pm) for today and next week (Thurs March 19).**

Joe from Power Firm will be bringing some Olympic weightlifting shoes out this Thursday at 5:30 pm for those of you who have placed an order. If you haven’t let us know that you want shoes, please let us know ASAP so I can pass the info on.

A. 3-position snatch – Work up to a heavy set.

B. Sots press – 3 max effort sets.

C. 10 minute AMRAP, with a partner:

Alternating sled pull laps with your partner

As a team, work your way through the following while the other person is pulling the sled:

50 KB swings (55/35)

50 barbell push presses

50 jump switch lunges (one step counts as one rep).

If you get done the movements, start back at the beginning.

Your score will be the total number of reps accumulated. We did a similar workout last month, and it worked out well.