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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

A. Back squat – 6×3@75%.

B. Front squat – 3×5@71%.

C. 3 rounds, not for time:

5 single-leg deadlifts per leg (heaviest possible)

15 strict toes-to-bar

15 ring push-ups (scale up to dips, or down to regular push-ups).


For the newbies out there, and maybe some not-so-newbies, here is a good reminder that progress takes time. Sometimes those of us who have done CrossFit for a while get comments like, “Oh, you make that look easy.” Here’s the real truth. How long was it before I could string together double-unders? It was probably 6 months, and even then 10-12 reps in a row would be a good day. It took me another six months to get to a PR of 30 reps. Granted, I wasn’t working on it every day, but likely 2-3 times a week anyway. The same is true for other skills, and to be quite honest, there are many things I am still working on. These things take time and practice, so be patient. Oh, and don’t cherry-pick workouts that only contain movements you’re comfortable with. Face those weaknesses head on.

**Just a reminder that the Olympic weightlifting class has been moved to Thursday for this week. It will be back to Tuesday next week.**

Also, if anyone is interested in having a daytime Olympic weightlifting class, let me know. Aaron is game to offer the class, and we’ve had questions about having one, but I’d like to see what the overall interest is.