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Regular classes are cancelled today, but you’re welcome to attend our Active for MS charity workout. Check out the link for more info. We are running this workout in heats every 30 minutes, so you’ll have to let us know when you’d like to attend, otherwise we will not have enough equipment to accommodate everyone. The first three heats (9:00, 9:30, and 10:00) are pretty much full, but there is still some space in the last three heats (10:30, 11:00, 11:30) for last minute entries. Please let me know (colin@crossfitsteinbach.com) when you’re coming out.

And the workout is…

This workout was designed by some folks from CrossFit Rocked for this event.

In teams of 2:

Row 3500 m (There are an estimated 3500 Manitobans with MS)

Then 3 rounds of: (there are 3X more women than men with MS)

15 pull-ups (or scaled movement) (average age of diagnosis is between 15 and 40)

40 burpees (average age of diagnosis is between 15 and 40)

48 wall balls (MS Society was founded in 1948).