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Coincidentally, this is the 20th day of May, which is good timing because:

A. 20 rep back squat @ 55-60% of your 1 rep max. Increase to your working weight, do about 5 reps at that weight, rest a minute or two, then go for your set of 20. If you are new and have never done this rep scheme before, you have the option of doing 2×10 @55-60% this week, and then going for the 20 rep set next week. The 20 rep squat is great way to build some strength, endurance, and quite frankly, mental toughness.

B. 5 rounds of 250 m row, with a 2 minute rest between rounds. Short distance + fairly long rest time = hard effort required.

C. 3 rounds, not for time of:

Max effort plate tuck-ups (2 sec pause at top of each rep, the same as last week), alternating with 20-25 GHD hip extensions.