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There are lots of things going on today, so enjoy! Bring a friend out to any of the regular classes today, or the complimentary workout at noon that is part of the Lululemon event! Lululemon will have their pop-up shop set up from 10 am until 1 pm. Also, come and visit out booth at the Summer in the City festival on Main Street in Steinbach, on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday afternoon!

A. Pull-up strength

– Weighted pull-ups – 3×5 (as heavy as possible). Scale to 3 max effort sets of assisted pull-ups (ideally partner assisted, but foot assisted is also an option).

– 3 max effort hollow hang holds. Stop if your form breaks down.

B. This is a slightly modified version of our last Bring-a-Friend day workout:

50 med ball tosses (total) with your partner

50 Russian KB swings

50 Push-ups

50 Lunges (total steps)

50 Pull-ups or ring rows.

One person works at a time (with the exception of the med ball tosses obviously), and you will tag off your partner when you start your work. After completing a round of 50 reps of a movement, you and your partner will perform 5 synchronized burpees.