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**Just a reminder that tonight’s Olympic weightlifting class has been moved to Thursday 7 pm for this week. There will be a 10:30 am weightlifting class on Thursday as well, due to the Canada Day holiday.

A. Pull-up strength

– 4 sets of 3 reps weighted pull-ups (heaviest possible), immediately followed by as many unweighted pull-ups as possible. If you can’t do weighted pull-ups, do 3 challenging pull-ups, immediately followed by a partner assist, or ring rows. If you can’t do pull-ups, do 3 challenging ring rows, then shift foot position to give a higher body angle, and do as many reps there as possible.

– 3 max effort bent arm hangs (90 degree angle at elbow). Keep shoulders packed back and down.

B. 3 rounds, not for time:

-5 weighted split squats (foot on floor, not on bench) per leg. Use barbell in the front rack position. These should be fairly heavy.

– Max effort dip negatives (ideally with a 10 second negative, jump back up into position). Keep shoulder position locked in.

– Max effort med ball planks – Both elbows are positioned on the medicine ball, and keeping a braced core position, draw circles in each direction with your elbows. This is a challenging exercise to do correctly, so really focus on staying tight.