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A. Clean and jerk wave: Do one good rep at each percentage – 70, 75, 80, 75, 80, 85%. Do not increase weight unless your technique is solid.

B. We did this one back on Jan 13 2014.

Partner A works / (Partner B accumulates reps in the second movement in brackets)

60 KB swings / (shoulder to overhead with 95/65# barbell)

Switch and repeat

Rest 1 minute

30 pull-ups / (hang power cleans with 95/65# barbell)

Switch and repeat

Then an alternating (1 lap each) KB/DB farmer’s carry (1 weight) for 20 laps. The catch? The weight cannot touch the ground. If you drop it, you inflict 15 burpees on your partner. If you are both equally responsible for a dropped weight, you both do 15 burpees.