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Congrats to Shea on his baby girl, Katherine Mae, born Aug 8!

A. Spend 5 minutes working on Turkish get-up technique. You should be able to get to a moderately heavy single in this time.

B. Handstand practice – 3-5 wall walks, practice heel pulls or freestanding HS holds, “wheel of pain” with feet on a box (shoot for 3 reps, where 1 rep is a full circle in each direction).

C. 3 rounds, not for time:

7 DB presses per arm (same weight as last week) – If you can’t do 7, do as many reps as you can. On your last set, do as many reps as possible.

Max effort 1 1/4 ring rows (up + down one-quarter of the way + back up + down all the way = 1 rep)

Max effort ring push-up holds (shoot for longer holds than last week).

D. 3 max effort sets of scap push-ups (controlled pace).