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A. Tempo deadlift – 5×3 at 51X1 tempo (5 second negative, 1 sec at bottom, eXplode up, 1 second at top). Weight should ideally be >70% of your 1 rep max deadlift, but your back position is the key determinant of weight here. If you did this on Aug 15, increase your weight from that day.

B. Handstand push-up practice – Every 30 seconds for 15 rounds, do 1-3 strict handstand push-ups OR 1 HSPU negative OR 1 DB push press (2 DBs) followed by a slow negative.

C. 3 rounds, not for time:

Max effort 1 1/4 ring rows OR 1 1/4 pull-ups

Max effort ring push-up holds.

D. 3 max effort sets of hollow body plank holds. These are basically the top of a scapular push-up, with a hollow body position. If these are easy, add a forward lean (shoulders forward of hands). Turn your fingers to the side if this is a major challenge of your wrist flexibility.