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There are a lot of different components today, but you should be able to work through them in a timely fashion.

A. Turkish get-up – Take 5 minutes to work up to a moderately heavy weight on both arms.

B. Handstand practice – Work on kicking up to a freestanding handstand (either just off the wall, or with a partner assisting). (5 min)

C. Handstand push-up practice – Every 30 seconds for 15 rounds, do 1-3 strict handstand push-ups OR 1 HSPU negative OR 1 DB push press (2 DBs) followed by a slow negative. There was some confusion about the rep scheme on this last week. Every 30 seconds for 15 rounds = 7.5 minutes of time on the clock (not 15 minutes).

D. 3 rounds, not for time:

Max effort 1 1/4 ring rows OR 1 1/4 pull-ups

Max effort push-ups with 3 second negative. Maintain control of your shoulder blades here. You should not be collapsing the shoulder first, but rather just bending the elbow first. Take the time to do the basics correctly, and THEN move on to the fancy stuff.

E. If you have time: 3 max effort sets of hollow body plank holds. These are basically the top of a scapular push-up, with a hollow body position. If these are easy, add a forward lean (shoulders forward of hands). Turn your fingers to the side if this is a major challenge of your wrist flexibility.