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A. Snatch balance – At a moderately heavy weight, do 4×2. Aim for speed and accuracy.

B. Snatch pulls – 3×3@100%+ (of your max snatch). Snatch pulls consist of the first pull (floor to knees) and second pull (knees to scarecrow position). Aim for a perfect bar path.

C. For this one we will set up weight plates in a zig-zag pattern on the floor. We may set up a route for each person, or you may have to share.

12 minute AMRAP of:

1 lap farmer’s carry (2 DBs or KBs, heavy) stepping onto and over the plates

1 lap farmer’s carry slalom (zigzag around the plates this time)

(Aim to do the 2 laps without setting your weights down.)

15 box step-overs (once over the box = 1 rep for the purposes of this workout). If you want to scale this up, carry a light sandbag, med ball, or slam ball.