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A. At the same weight or higher than last week’s presses: 3 sets of 3 presses + 3 push presses.

B. DB push press – 3×5 (5 second negative on each rep). Do each arm separately, and do an extra set on your weaker arm. Let your weaker arm determine your weight.

C. “Jackie” – This is one of the named CrossFit workouts.

For time:

Row 1000 m

50 thrusters with a 45 lb barbell

30 pull-ups (modify to assisted pull-ups or ring rows).

This is one of the few CrossFit workouts with the same BB weight for women and men. Be smart about it though. If 45 lbs is 80% of your max thruster, obviously you’ll need to scale the weight.

Compare to Jan 9 2014 or June 8 2013.