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A. Handstand practice – Take 5 minutes and practice some aspect of your handstand – position, balancing, headstand, rolls, whatever.

B. Handstand push-up negatives – Alternating every 30 seconds for 16 rounds, do 1-3 HSPU or 1 slow negative to an abmat, and 1 wall walk.

For example:

0:30 1 HSPU

1:00 1 wall walk

1:30 1 HSPU


If you’re not able to control your descent, do a heavy DB push press with a slow negative in the same format, and alternate with a wall walk or some shoulder taps.

C. With a partner, for time:

(Rep numbers are totals, not per person. Partition reps as needed.)

3 laps wheelbarrow

8 laps farmer’s carry (2 DBs or KBs, heavy)

3 laps partner carry

48 goblet squats using one of your DB/KB weights

3 laps partner carry

8 laps farmer’s carry

8 laps bear crawl.

D. If you have time: 3 sets of 20 of the following – Face your partner in a plank position (on hands). While maintaining an active shoulder position and hollow body, reach out and tag your partner’s right hand with your right hand (=1 rep). Repeat on the left, and so on.