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A. Bench press – 5×3 at 31X1 tempo (3 seconds down, 1 second pause at bottom, eXplode up, 1 sec pause at top).

B. Pull-up strength – 3 sets of 2-5 pull-up negatives (10 seconds each time). If 10 seconds is a long negative for you, either reduce the number of reps (hence the range of 2-5 reps), or do sets of shorter negatives. You may jump or use a box to get back up to the top. Stronger athletes may opt to do the concentric movement as well (i.e. do a pull-up to get back up).

If you’re not able to control your negatives yet, use a partner assist, or leg assist for your negatives.

C. 10 rounds (total), alternating with a partner:

Row 200 m/250 m (women/men), 10 burpees.

We are aiming for about 2 minutes of work for each round, so your coach may modify your burpee number if need be. Try to move directly into your burpees after you get off the rower.