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A. Handstand practice – Take 5 minutes to practice some aspect of your handstand/headstand/rolls.

B. Handstand push-up strength work – Alternate 1-3 HSPU OR 1 HSPU negative with 1 wall walk, every 30 seconds for 8 rounds each, i.e. at 0:30 – HSPU, 1:00 wall walk, 1:30 HSPU, etc.

If you’re not able to control your HSPU negative, do 1 heavy dumbbell push press (both arms at the same time), followed by a slow negative. Aim for a 10 second negative.

C. 3 rounds, not for time:

Max effort 1 1/4 pull-ups or ring rows

8 reps per arm of single-arm DB bench press. Include a 3 second negative on each rep. Let your weaker arm dictate the weight you choose.

1 minute goblet squat hold (in bottom of squat). Make this an active hold, i.e. elbows OFF knees, neutral spine, knees tracking over feet, etc.

D. 3×20-30 GHD hip extensions. Subsitute BB good mornings if the GHDs are busy.